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Who Are Tony and Randi Escobar?
Tony and Randi Escobar Tony & Randi Escobar have been married for 45 years. They have 4 children and 12 grandchildren and are the #2 “All Time” leading income earners in their company, earning an income exceeding $16,000,000 dollars and an organization exceeding 1,300,000 members accounting for sales in excess of $1.3 Billion Dollars.

Tony and Randi love serving people and believe that the secret to their success in the Network Marketing profession has come from helping others realize their dreams of health, wealth and happiness and teaching their distributors a strategic and essential way of developing a successful business and a life of abundance. 

Tony and Randi love whom they serve and they serve who they love. They love what they do and they do what they love! Tony, a “fair dinkum” Australian turned “true red, white and blue” American, has been a concept, product designer and formulator for over 20 years prior to joining his company. 


Tony and Randi are recognized throughout North America as Champions within the Network Marketing Industry. They have inspired and touched hundreds of thousands of lives with their knowledge and network marketing expertise as they have worked tirelessly to help create 100 million-dollar-earners within their own organization and many more are evolving every month. 

Tony and Randi are the founders of and the “Share IT forward Academy,” an organization that goes far beyond conventional and traditional training. The “Share IT forward Academy” is where Network Marketing distributors can go to receive powerful, generic and inspirational training that will certainly impact and grow their businesses fast. 

Tony is an accomplished Network Marketing Trainer, Health and Fitness Coach and Personal Development Coach having worked with companies such as Sears Roebuck, Pitney Bowes, Southwest Life Insurance Company, Union Pacific Railroad, Exit Realty, The Olympian International Sport’s Federation, Personal Development Dynamics (PDE), ITEX Corporation, Benihana, Columbia Diet Systems, Matol, as well as thousands of individuals from all over the world. Tony was the founder of Corporate Health Dynamics, the first company of its kind in the world that emphasized good nutrition as the primary motivator for corporate executives.
Tony received a Special Commendation from Dr. Richard W. You, President of the Olympian International Sports Federation and past Chief Physician of the United States Olympic Team, for his work as a Professional Trainer, Coach and Nutritional Consultant. 

Tony has trained, mentored and consulted with teams, athletes and coaches from the NBA, MLB, NSL and the NFL. Tony has been a Professional Athlete himself in two sports and a Professional Coach. Tony is an accomplished body builder and power-lifter. 

When Tony was 63 years old he bench-pressed in excess of 400 pounds and curled 70-pound dumbbells. In 1990 Tony bench-pressed 555 pounds and his triple (Bench, Dead Lift and Squat) was over 1700 pounds.

Tony and Randi have worked as service missionaries for 5 years within the Twelve Step Addiction Recovery Program, working in the Utah Jails and Prisons and have presided over thousands of Twelve Step Addiction Recovery Meetings. Tony is a past member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the National Women’s Health Society, the National Health Museum in Washington D.C. and the Christopher Reeves Paralysis Foundation. 

In 2005, Tony and Randi’s success was honored as they received Gubernatorial Commendations and Proclamations acknowledging their success in the Network Marketing Industry and their contributions to the Health and Wellness Industry and to charity from the Governors of the States of Alabama, Illinois, Washington, New Mexico, Nebraska, Louisiana, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio and New Jersey. 

Tony & Randi have been featured in Jack Canfield’s Best Selling Book, “The Success Principles”, as well as many other publications. They have been guests on many radio and television shows and have been the keynote speakers at numerous business functions and conventions. They were nominated for the Guinness Book of World Records for building the largest Network Marketing Organization and earning the largest income in the shortest period of time. Tony and Randi earned over $1,000,000 dollars in less than 12 months.

“Tony and Randi are wonderful, entertaining and animated speakers and trainers that passionately attract and mesmerize an audience; they inspire, they encourage and they bring out the best in people. Their knowledge, presence and delivery on stage is unparalleled in the Network Marketing Industry, an industry that they have impacted and certainly changed.”

                                                      Dr. John Gray, Author,  
                                                      “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”

“Tony and Randi are the Heisman Trophy Winners in the Network Marketing Industry”

                                                      Jack Canfield, Author,
                                                      “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

“Tony and Randi have taken network marketing to the next level of excellence. In my opinion they are dynamic presenters and perhaps the best and most effective trainers in the industry”

                                                      Richard Paul Evans, Author
                                                      “The Christmas Box” and “The Gift”

Tony and Randi are amazing teachers and motivators. They are inspiring people that are living their dreams. Their success in Network Marketing says it all. They have stepped into their greatness through serving and inspiring others. People love them.

                                                       Les Brown, Author
                                                       Live Your Dreams

“Tony and Randi, Thank you for the “concept of managing weight through nutritional cleansing.” Thank you for everything you have done for this company”.

                                                       John Anderson, Founder
                                                       Isagenix International

Tony and Randi received a prestigious “Congressional Commendation from the House of Representatives of the United States” acknowledging their success in the Network Marketing Industry and for their generosity with several charities.
Tony Escobars photo with his word of wisdom
If you always do,
What you’ve always done,
You will always be what
You have always been,
And you will never be
What you could have been.
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