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Benefits of Share-it-Forward Membership

The Share-IT-Forward website and the associated services offered within this remarkable website is a blueprint as well as a treasure map for you, who really believe that the impossible is possible. 

The Share-IT-Forward Academy and everything offered to you will help you discover and/or revive your dream of health, wealth and happiness and will show you the way.
An inspired website is always in pursuit of an inspired individual who wants inspired knowledge. I sincerely believe that this website and this membership is inspired with beautiful words of wisdom. If you are reading this page, you are indeed inspired. As you read further you will discover where to find simple, common sense and logical answers to your everyday questions. 

I enthusiastically put this website together with all the services and have I have dared to be different. You will have the benefit of our amazing journey (My wife and I), my amazing story, my experience and my knowledge. All of it will be shared with you. 
You will enjoy my straightforward, candid, remarkable and authentic quotes, stories and messages that are being used every day throughout the world by thousands of distributors, authors, coaches, mentors and speakers, who have found inspiration in my words, analogies and stories. 

These are very special words that have defined me. Thousands of people within the industry from many companies have looked at my wife and I as legends in the network marketing profession. That’s nice but, really, I am just an ordinary human being like most of you that has been blessed with a special gift and an opportunity to serve. 

I came from poverty in a land 12,000 miles away and with the Lord’s help He gave me a chance and as a result of this opportunity an explosion beyond measure occurred in my bosom and the Share-IT-Forward website was born. Understand this website will always be a “work in progress” and every day it will get better. 

I know in my heart that this website is destined for prominence with network marketing professionals. Embrace the words contained within the website but embrace and immerse yourself in the messages.

You were born with a purpose carefully planted inside you. You were also born with the capacity and the ability to cultivate, expand and fulfill that purpose. I don’t want you to look at that purpose with half opened eyes. I want you to close your eyes and feel that purpose within your heart. You will be amazed at what has been chained up for so long inside you. That purpose resides inside you and it wants to come out. With your eyes closed shut, dig deep inside you, seize it and pull it out. This website and the Share-IT-Forward Academy will help you do just that.

Independent distributors epitomize and personify more than the network marketing profession. They are an authentic, faithful community of intelligent, ethical, devoted, passionate and gifted people, driven by a desire to help people discern their purpose, talents and their life goals of health, wealth, joy and happiness. It is this community and these extraordinary qualities that I honor in this website. 

You are invited to become a member of Share-IT-Forward and to undertake a journey – a journey of discovery. This website will enrich your life and business with wisdom and direction.

Miracles happen every day, but they have to be earned. My wife and I believed in miracles and miracles were attracted to us! We worked hard helping everyone else become successful and the more people we helped the more abundant was our lives. 
Here’s what you can expect from your Membership

  • The Share-it-Forward Training Course
  • Monthly Share-IT-Forward Newsletter
  • Inspiring Messages that come to you Twice a Week
  • Access to all Share-IT-Forward weekly tips
  • Access to all Share-IT-Forward training videos
  • Access to all Share-IT-Forward webinars
  • Access to all Share-IT-Forward articles
  • Monthly Business Recruiting Conference Calls
  • Prominent Guest Contributors
  • Discounts and special offers on “Tools you can Use” such as, books, CD’s, DVD’s, Videos and other items.

Regular membership fee is $480
Subscribe today and receive a $192 discount!

You can enjoy your Annual Membership today for only $288

for all the information and training you need 
to become a successful network marketer.

Join Today to begin your learning journey.
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We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, American Express, and PayPal.

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The Share-it-Forward Academy - Your Network Marketing Resource Center

Tony and Randi Escobar are the founders of the Share It Forward Academy an organization that goes far beyond conventional and traditional network marketing training and education.  The Share It Forward Academy is where network marketing distributors can go to receive primary, yet powerful and inspirational education that will positively impact and grow their network marketing businesses.
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Tony and Randi are legends in the network marketing profession, having built an organization numbering over 1.2 million people, accounting for sales exceeding $1.2 billion. ​Tony and Randi have been recognized and honored by the United States Congress and governors from 14 states, acknowledging their contributions and successes.
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Recipes for Success
By Tony Escobar

"Most of the people who succeeded in network marketing did not start out in the business educated, rich, socially gifted or notably talented. What they had was a dream and the determination to live a better life. They became successful because they wanted to become successful and were willing to pay the price to become successful. Your vision of where you want to be and what you want to become is the supreme of all the assets you possess."

"Succeed for the betterment of those you serve, not for self-serving rewards." 

"Success loves those who are obedient to its principles and those who are self-disciplined."
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