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"Be honest with yourself about who you were, who you are right now and who you want to be. This was the hardest thing for me to do, but I knew that if I were to be successful, I had to do this. I had to evolve by œgetting rid of the junk in my trunk. You have to do the same! "

 - Tony Escobar
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Here's Your Opportunity!

Tony and Randi are legends in the network marketing profession, having built an organization numbering over 1.2 million people, accounting for sales exceeding $1.2 billion. ​Tony and Randi have been recognized and honored by the United States Congress and governors from 14 states, acknowledging their contributions and successes.
The Share-it-Forward Academy - Your Network Marketing Resource Center

Tony and Randi Escobar are the founders of the Share It Forward Academy an organization that goes far beyond conventional and traditional network marketing training and education.  The Share It Forward Academy is where network marketing distributors can go to receive primary, yet powerful and inspirational education that will positively impact and grow their network marketing businesses.
Copyright: January 2008 by Tony Escobar


Did you know that most of us are living a lie when it comes to who they really are! You can become who you really want to be, who you were destined to be if you want it bad enough. You can discover and expose those other 990 talents that have resided inside you all these years. Remember, you have only discovered and used maybe 10 of these talents. Let go of your past, embrace the present and seize your future by seizing this moment right now.


Be Grateful for everything you have had, everything you have now and everything you will get in the future. Be Grateful for the opportunity you have before you in network marketing. Be Grateful for rejection - you learn from rejection. Be Grateful for all your challenges. Be Grateful for all the good, the not so good and especially be Grateful for your past experiences, both good and the not so good. Be grateful for your mistakes and don’t be afraid of making more of them – learn and grow from them. Life is all about learning from your past choices, past relationships, your mistakes, your past experiences and its all about discovering your potential and who you really are. Network marketing is all about de-programming and re-programming yourself and discovering your purpose in life and that only comes from understanding and learning from everything that has ever happened to you in the past. Joy and happiness in this life is all about serving others more so than yourself. Life is not about living in the past or living in the future, it is about living in the now and seizing every single opportunity that will help you grow. Being grateful is a wonderful thing.


Network Marketing is a very real business that demands you take it seriously whether you do it spare time, part time or full time. If you cannot do it seriously then don’t do it at all. You are setting yourself up for a miserable disappointment. You don’t try this business – YOU DO IT! Ten years ago there was a stigma associated with network marketing. Today network marketing is attracting the top professionals of the world from all fields of endeavor. It is arguably one of the three fastest growing industries in North America today. That stigma, for the most part, is now gone!


Do what it takes to become successful. Commitment means sacrifice, complete dedication, absolute focus, persistency and of course courage and determination. It means never quitting – You never fail until you quit! It means committing to a product auto-ship. This should be no problem for you once you understand the tax benefits of your business. In most cases your tax benefits far exceed what you have paid for products and services. You also eat or use your inventory. Starting a traditional business takes a commitment, in most cases a commitment of hundreds of thousands of dollars – not so in network marketing. A small financial commitment can grow a substantial business, resulting in a lucrative residual income that could potentially escalate into the millions of dollars.


Learn how to manage it. Learn how to invest it wisely. Time is a very valuable currency – DON’T WASTE TIME. Once you lose time you can never recover it. It is your most valuable asset.


This is one area where time is invested wisely. Take 30 minute to 1 hour a day learning you business, your products and learning the techniques used by the successful distributors in it. Without an investment in Education failure is inevitable. Master your business through a firm commitment to educating yourself.


This is perhaps the most important strategy you can do that could certainly ensure success in your business, especially if you are newby or a beginner. It is obviously very difficult for most people, especially beginners to call on people by themselves. For most new distributors making calls, especially cold calls, is a fearful experience. Most people, working on their own will endure rejection for a few days and then they will quit. This is why the attrition factor is so high in any direct sales business. Working with a companion at your side is teamwork all the way and it is working smart. Don’t go it alone! Very few people succeed working alone. Commit to working very hard with your companion and working very smart, especially during the first year of your business. Network marketing represents residual income – there’s nothing like it in the world and it is so much fun.


Not having an organizational plan has destroyed more network marketing businesses than probably anything else. It is very difficult to build a successful business with a pocketful of telephone numbers on “Post It” notes, scrap papers and restaurant napkins. If you are going to take your business seriously then you must organize it and prepare it for success.

a)Use the MEMORY JOGGER to create your A, B and your C lists and look for the Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks. This list is the foundation of your business. Look at your list as though it is a deck of 52 cards. There are always 4 Aces, 4 kings, 4 Queens and 4 Jacks in a deck. These are the people you want to attract to your business first. These are the people you know the best and that will be responsive to you.

b)Use the PRE-ENROLMENT APPLICATION form to evaluate your pre-enrollees.

c)Get a mobile telephone with a good speaker phone, address book, etc. Use and  

d)Get an 8” x 5” A-Z and a 1-31 file as well as a calendar and some file folders (This is the best system of organization available for Network Marketers.

As a leader I know that if I can keep network marketers off the computer I am half way there. Network marketers are easily distracted. There are about 50,000,000 cyberholics (people addicted to their computers and the internet) killing time on computers every day.


Let the ego and the pride go. In network marketing you are always learning. Always steal with your eyes and your ears. Make friends with the leaders in the industry and learn from them. There is nothing worse that seeing someone making $500 a month telling a $100,000 a month income earning veteran what they should be doing or what they are doing wrong. Don’t become a victim of always being right or always preparing to do the business. This is a business of DOING and BEING, not a business of preparing to prepare, to prepare, to prepare, to prepare, to prepare to do the business. It is a business of jumping in with both feet and DOING IT! This industry is filled with computer addicts who love to create materials and re-invent the wheel. Find the leaders, learn from them and get out and DO IT!


The best analogy I can come up with here is a basketball player shooting the ball or a golfer making the shot. If there is no correct follow through the shot is missed. Next to being disorganized and not utilizing your A, B and C list in your business; the biggest killer by far is the failure to follow up with people. In most cases it takes 3 contacts before you get a new member into your organization either as a customer or a distributor. Most people contact a person once, get rejected and then they don’t talk to that person again – Big Mistake! Most new associates enroll a customer and forget to follow up and communicate with that customer, and then they are left wondering, why that customer hasn’t re-ordered for a while, despite the fact that customer had great results. Always keep your word and do what you say you will do and if it is following up – DO IT.

Network Marketing is a “Hugs and Loves” business, it is a business of socializing, nurturing relationships, communicating, connecting and serving others. It is a business of educating and informing. It is a business of connecting with people. To not follow up is like telling your new member or customer, I just don’t have the time for you! It is like telling yourself that I am casual about this business – A casual attitude reaps casual results and you will become the first casualty. 


Yes indeed! Our industry has evolved; it is not like it was just 10 years ago. The stigma is gone, especially with business people. Ten years ago network marketers would enroll anyone that had the enrolment fee – not anymore! The professionalization of our business has changed, as has the way professional people look at our business now. In network marketing you are the owner, you start at the top and build – you are the President and the CEO. In a conventional, traditional business you start at the bottom and work up.

This is your business so be selective in whom you recruit. Use the PRE-APPLICATION FORM wisely. It is a great tool that tells people that they have to qualify to get into your business and that you are taking your business seriously. There are a lot of MLM junkies out there going from company to company and these people can fester your business like gangrene. Many times you are better off avoiding these people.


Yes! Yes! Yes! Engage qualified distributors in your business, especially your upline and even your downline. When you are new, you will need all the help you can get, so don’t be afraid to call those successful distributors in your upline organization for help, get them on conference calls or invite them to your in-home presentations. These higher authority distributors have special talents. Some are good at talking to health professionals, some are good at talking to real estate agents, some are good at talking to nurses etc. Randi and I built our business using in-home presentations and we used that higher authority often. Introduce this higher authority distributor as your partner; this will give you as a beginner credibility. 


OK, you have enrolled a new customer and they are excited! Now, believe it or not, this is the time to ask your customer for the referral. Yes indeed, right now! Simply say to your new customer the following,

“Mary, as you know I am so excited for you and since this is my new business I need your help, can you help me?” 

Mary Jane will say, “Of course what can I do for you?” 

The reply from you will be, “What you can do for me Mary Jane is something very simple. Mary Jane, if this product works for you as I promised you it will, would you be kind enough to refer me to 4 or 5 of your friends?” 

Her reply will be, “Absolutely!”

This is a very smart technique or a strategy that has worked over and over again. In fact you can very easily convert Mary Jane, the customer, into a distributor by promising to enroll her referrals under her. If you do this every time you make a sale you will never have to make a cold call in your business.


These tools are available to you from your respective companies. There are great Websites, Brochures, DVD’s and CD’s as well as many other tools. What better place to invest than in your own business using proven tools that work. Also get on the Internet and learn how to use social media to your advantage. Learn about online video conferencing, webinars and free conference calls. Also learn about tax benefit tools that many companies have.


Absolutely! Your smile is your greatest asset. It transmits enthusiasm and inspiration. It is so contagious. Can you imagine you and your companion smiling everywhere you go at everyone you see? Can you imagine the number of people that will be attracted to you? Your smile is the most important thing you put on every day. It is contagious and most of all it is your signature!


When people find out you are a network marketer everyone will come out of the woodwork to recruit you. Competition is everywhere and that is a good thing. Competition keeps you on your toes and it makes you smarter and causes you to be more innovative and creative and it causes you to work harder and smarter. Whatever you do never disparage another company or the people in that company. You are a professional, so act like one and say good things about your competition, after all, we are all in the same industry. When you say bad things about others, it will always reflect back on you and it hurts our industry, your company as well as your self.


Women are the best networkers, they love to socialize and nurture relationships. They know everybody. The key to your success in this business is for you to meet with people that see people every day and for you to recruit people that you look up to, more so than recruiting people that look up to you. Women built the industry and are still building it. Women want to have a genuine purpose, they want to serve and they want to have fun. Women have many more friends than men do. I am not saying, “Don’t recruit men.” Just remember where the women go the men follow! Women are also loyal.


This is a hidden secret in network marketing and the senior market here in North America a relatively untouched market, it’s in its embryo stage of growth when compared to Asia. Older people love to talk, love to socialize and really enjoy having a purpose of service in their lives. They are committed people and will do whatever it takes to please others. Also they know hundreds of people. After so many years on earth, you bet they know people. Behind every motivation there is motive. Older people love to serve others. Service is their motivation, as is having fun! They want to make a difference in other people’s lives. They want to have fun with their lives. They want joy and happiness. They want identity and a sense of accomplishment, as do women. They will climb a hill for money but they will climb the highest mountain for someone who really cares about them.


Here is an approach that will certainly impact your business!

Randi and I were sitting in a restaurant and we just happened to have a delightfully, fun waitress who really loved to please her customers. We became friends as she told us she loved her job. She even showed us pictures of her 3 children. As the meal progressed I asked her, 

“What does your husband do?” She said, “Well, if I had a husband I would probably not be working here.” 

I said, “Wow, I am sorry.” 

After a while and further conversation I said to her, “Mary, you are such a personable lady, I would give anything to have you be in my business.” 

She immediately said, “What is it you do.” 

I then said, “Well Mary we are tied up right, when is your day off? 

Mary said, “Thursday”

I then said, “My wife and I would love to take you to lunch on your day off. Is that OK with you?”

She immediately said, After taking her to lunch, we enrolled her and her family into our business and from her family we sold $1,400 worth of products. Keep in mind we were at lunch for 80 minutes, about 60 of those minutes was talking about her and her cute little family of three children.

Anyone can say, “You have such a great personality - I would give anything to get you into my business.”

What a fantastic “Million Dollar Approach!”

Why did this approach work? It worked because 

1.We made a friend
2.We complimented her
3.We invited her to ask us what we did in our business
4.We took her to lunch and nurtured a relationship
5.We developed trust because we were non-threatening
6.We showed genuine concern for her
7.We did not “throw up on her.” We were patient and asked her lots of questions while at the same time listened with real intent.
8.We got a new distributor as well as many members of her family

I will repeat this again.

Anyone can say, “You have such a great personality - I would give anything to get you into my business.”

This is a powerful door opener that really works.

Here is another one.

I was at my grandson’s football game a while back. I just happened to be sitting on the sideline next to a guy whose son was playing on the same team as my grandson. I just met this guy and we got to talking a little.. After a while I asked him, “What do you for a living?” 

He told me he was an investment banker. Right away he said what I was expecting him to say, “What is it you do?” 

I said, “I am glad you asked, I help people to excess pounds fast and I help people regain their energy and stamina.” 

He laughed as he said, “I would sure like to know more about that, just look at me.” 

His name was Travis and he was not in good shape. He ended up ordering over a thousand dollars worth of product from me after I took him to lunch. Again I spent three quarters of the time talking about him and his family. I didn’t “Throw up” on him. I was patient, I listened and I asked questions. I also invited him into my business


In the late 1940’s, Network Marketing was discovered. This company, today is approaching $10 Billion dollars a year in sales, it was built using in-home presentations. At the time they were called in-home presentations home parties. Many companies today still call them home parties or party sales. In-homes are very effective because people are more comfortable at an in-home setting rather than a hotel room. In fact the first thing you want to do with your companion is to set a date for an in-home presentation and invite some of your friends from your list of contacts. You should also invite your upline leaders to attend for testimonials and support. This should be done within you’re your first two weeks of enrolling.

You will find an In-Home presentation document on this website


This will literally blow you away! If you have a job with W2 income you could potentially put thousands of dollars in your pocket in the form of an extra tax refund even if you and or your spouse have an 8-5 job. This is the result of the many tax deductions that made are available to you. It is important to discuss this with your tax professional. The IRS allows you to have deductions even if you don’t make a profit as long as you are pursuing a profit. There is a document that spells out many of your potential deductions on this website.


Commit to attending as many opportunity and training presentations as possible. You have to show up to grow your business and you have to be the example to your team!


Download the compensation plan from your company’s website. Also download your distributor application and your company’s policies and procedures. You need to know your what you can do and can’t do. The policies and procedures are made available to you and made apart of your enrollment application. They spell out your legal rights as well as what your company’s obligation is to you. Read the compensation plan and study it 3 times and you will know exactly how you will get paid. Also read and study your distributor application and your policies and procedures at least 3 times after all they are legal contracts that affect you. You back office is your connection with the company.

Thank You! – Tony Escobar

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